We have two categories of facials. Medi facials using Osmosis for guests who want to see changes in their skin, and spa facials using Janesce for guests wanting balanced skin and relaxation. 

INVIVE Level One | allow 50min | $155
Benefits: Skin - Customised
If you want to invest in your skin and don’t know where to start, this is the facial for you.  Customised blends packed with nutrients work to correct skin cells and deliver change within your skin.  Hot towels paired with facial massage act as the vehicle to penetrate these blends into deeper layers of the skin, while giving the skin a thorough workout and replenishing the skin’s vital nutrients. 

INVIVE Level Two | allow 60min | $185
Benefits: Skin - Customised
If you are already investing in your skin and want to step up results, this is the facial for you. Incorporating all the benefits of level one, while adding an Osmosis facial infusion.  This facial increases the level of correction within skin cells and increases cell production generating a 30-day collagen production increase, working all the way up to your next monthly facial with no down-time.  *We recommend a Vitamin A serum is used at least 4 week prior to this facial.

INVIVE Level Three | allow 80min | $220  
Benefits: Skin - Customised | Relaxation
If you’re already investing in your skin and really want to take your relaxation to the next level, this is the facial for you.  This facial is our definition of luxury. Taking all the benefits from INVIVE level two facial, incorporating Osmosis powerhouse serums and products and adding an additional layer of luxury with hot stones and massage to your arms and feet. Working towards the epitome of relaxation and finishing with an Indian head massage.

Calming Hydration | allow 30min | $75
Benefits: Skin - Hydration | Relaxation
This facial has been crafted using the botanical skincare range Janesce.   It is designed for busy people who need a quick skin pick me up and a little balance in their life.

Calming Hydration | allow 60 min | $130
Benefits: Skin - Hydration | Relaxation
Designed to hydrate your skin and relax your mind. This is a true spa facial, using organic botanical skincare range Janesce, taking you on a sensory journey of smells and touch. If you're looking for a holistic skin pick me up and deep relaxation, this is the facial for you.