At Invive not one facial is the same, each and every facial uses a unique blend of ingredients tailored to your specific skin needs. Our facial menu is short and sweet which enables us to make sure we keep your facial experience unique to you.

Calming Hydration | allow 30min $70 | allow 60min $120 | allow 1hr 30min $170

Benefits: Skin – Hydrate | Body - Relax 

This amazing facial has been created to hydrate the skin and relax the mind, it is a true spa facial. Using organic botanical skincare range Janesce, be taken on a sensory journey of smells and touch. If you’re short on time or looking for a holistic skin pick me up, this is the facial for you.

Accelerated Skin Boost (Dermal Rejuvenation Ritual) | allow 60min $160

Benefits: Skin – Target specific skin concerns and accelerates results

Our most advanced facial begins with the foundation of the Bespoke facial, boosted with a vitamin A infusion. This accelerates results and encourages skin remodeling whilst increasing circulation, skin immunity and hydration. This infusion of ingredients will create a healthy glow inside and out. It is highly recommended you use vitamin A serum for at least 4 weeks prior to having your first Accelerate Skin Boost facial.

Bespoke | allow 60min $140

Benefits: Skin – Target specific skin concerns around aging, pigmentation and acne

Discover a facial completely bespoke to your specific skin concerns. We work with you to identify your skin goals and uniquely customize a blend of active ingredients to deliver nutrients directly to where your skin needs them helping to inspire and create permanent change. 

Facial Add-Ons

Lash Tinting | $30
Brow Shaping  $25
Brow Tinting | $20
Combination of three | $60