Massage truly allows you to create space from your chaotic world and restore balance. Let our therapists restore you through touch.

Re-Balance | allow 60min $120 | allow 1hr 30min $170
Benefits: Body - Relaxation | Tension Release
Using a range of techniques, this is our signature body massage treatment. Our therapist will use their knowledge to provide a personalised experience to relieve stress, muscular aches or to improve your overall well-being.

Prenatal Nurturing | allow 60min $120
Benefits: Body - Relaxation
Using pregnancy cushions this specially crafted massage supports the body through the wonderful changes which take place during pregnancy, while being completely relaxing.  Massage in pregnancy should be enjoyed after the first trimester.

Stone Therapy | allow 60 min $130 | allow 1hr 30min $175
Benefits: Body - Relaxation | Tension Release
Therapeutic heat and traditional massage techniques are combined to create this luxurious massage treatment. Thermodynamic basalt stones are placed on key energy points and massaged over your muscles, melting away tension and sending you into a state of complete relaxation. This is a full body treatment.

Neck, back and shoulder massage | allow 30min $70 | allow 45min $95
Benefits: Body - Tension Release
This treatment is designed to ease tension in the areas of the body where muscle problems most often occur. Our therapists will adapt the treatment to get you the best results whether you need pain relief, relaxation or general well-being. 

Balanced Duo | allow  1hr $260 | allow 1hr 30 min $360
Benefits: Mind - Reconnect | Body - Relaxation
This side by side massage for two has been designed to provide balance and connection. Your room is dripped in candles and is a vision of relaxation.  Enjoy time at the end of the massage to connect with each other and enjoy a refreshment of organic tea and smoothie before departing.  Please enquire with the team for bookings.